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  • I use photography as a means of exploring places. The variety of cameras and photographic techniques available encourage experimentation and give a view of the world from unique perspectives. Pinhole photography allows a camera to be produced from just about any light tight container, the images produced from each are unique in quality.

    The phenomena whereby light reflecting from a subject and passing through a small aperture forms a projected upside down image was first observed in nature.
    Pinhole photographs are made using the most basic of cameras the ‘camera obscura’. This is basically a light-tight box with a tiny hole pierced in one side.

    The camera obscura has been known for centuries observed by Aristotle and the Chinese philosopher Mozi (470 – 390 BC). Since then the camera obscura has been used by artists often using room sized versions as an observational tool enabling them to draw the projected image.
    It was a Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster who first used a pinhole camera to capture a photographic image in the 1850s.

    Although the pinhole camera is a great way to learn photography basics it is also a great creative tool, each camera has unique properties due to the individual construction, because of the lens-less construction the images
    appear softer but have an infinite depth of field ( all parts of the image equally in focus)

    As well as the creative freedom offered through pinhole photography workshops provide a great learning resource for all ages of workshop participant. Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs.

    Recent workshops
    Pinhole photography workshop for Rhynie Woman during the week long Archeological dig September 2014.
    Logie Primary School pinhole photography workshop June 2014
    Drop in workshop for St Andrews University Museum (MUSA) during science week 03/2014.
    I provided a drop in workshop at the Falconer Museum in Forres as part of Findhorn Bay Arts and Culture Day Productions event also working alongside one of the local emerging artists to produce solargraph

    Workshops can be tailored to suit all age levels and needs of the group.

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    Upcoming Workshops
    Celebrating World Pinhole Day  26th April 2015 Pinhole photography workshop and exhibition at Logie Steading,Forres,






    Celebrating the Festival of Museums 15,16,17 May 2015 I will be running Pinhole photography and Camera Obscura workshops at the Falconer Museum, Forres.

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